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Jacque Lauder

Jacque Lauder

Position: Educator, and outreach manager at SCAN Health Plan

Organization: SCAN


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Jacque is currently a gerontologist, educator, and outreach manager at SCAN Health Plan. Through her work in managing many of SCAN’s community giving grants, she has helped many community partners continue to provide meals to seniors who might otherwise go without.

Jacque is also a passionate advocate for senior issues, and helps others in the community learn how to interact with older adults in a more positive way, through SCAN’s Trading Ages senior-sensitivity training program. She promotes the health and independence of older adults by making others aware of the issues facing seniors, and helps professionals, caregivers and the community understand seniors’ needs.

Kudos to Jacque for all her work in the community!

What is this nominee’s involvement in senior care or senior issues
Jacque Lauder is a woman on a mission. She is a gerontologist, educator, and advocate for seniors. She has been promoting senior issues and teaching people about all aspects of aging from Medicare to caring for aging parents and everything in between for more than ten years. She is a passionate speaker who has been known to say “Everyone over the age of 20 needs this information, so they can be better prepared to care for their grandparents, parents, and themselves!”
Jacque has held numerous roles in aging services, including in senior nutrition programs, Medicare education and counselling, and most notably, launching the Senior Guide OC at the Council on Aging Orange County.
Jacque has worked with people at every level of the aging industry, from older adults to caregivers, volunteers, students, doctors and grantmakers. She is a well-known for making aging issues interesting and even fun!