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Grenda Lee

Grenda Lee

Position: Social Worker

Organization: St. Joseph Health System


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Grenda works in the Care Connect program at St. Joseph Health System. She not only does patient visits, she does family care management, she works extremely hard to develop programs & training for staff with senior care needs at heart.

Why should this person be nominated
Grenda should be nominated as a hero, because she not only does a superb job, she does it with heart & compassion. She truly aims to make a difference for those she serves. She often gets referred the most complex cases that many programs does know how to assist. Oftentimes, these patients may not have the best or friendly demeanor, but Grenda has this ability to put all the rude behaviors, piles of soiled incontinence supplies and rodents, and she will get the quality of life improved for her patient. She herself has been known to throw out garbage for patients, help clear pathways, pull together resources so a patient could have a much needed eye surgery that she would not be able to have, if it was not for Grenda. She is an incredible motivator and her patients & families are so appreciative of her. Her coworkers turn to her for resources, support, education and friendship. In a word, Grenda is a "Hero" to many.