Senior Hero - People's Choice!

Jackie Goldberg

Position: CEO

Organization: Senior Star Power


Jackie is nominated because she tirelessly works to keep seniors visible through her efforts promoting their talents,vast experiences, knowledge base and abilities. She is constantly reminding everyone that Seniors still matter and can continue to contribute positively to this nation!

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Family Member Hero - People's Choice!

Gina Moran

Position: Community Outreach Specialist

Organization: Alzheimer's Association


Gina's love, passion, and dedciation are why she deserves this award. Caring for her mother who has Alzheimer's disease, Gina looks for the positives in every aspect of being a family caregiver. She goes above and beyond to ensure her mother is comfortable, safe, cared for, and always makes sure that her mother knows that she is loved. In between her caregiving hours, Gina spends her time reaching out to families affected by this disease and connecting them with the Alzheimer's Association, Orange County Chapter. Gina shares her love and passion all over Orange County, informing families of the free programs & services provided by the Alzheimer's Association. She even finds the time to engage with OC elected officials, sharing with them the emotional and fincancial impact that Alzheimer's disease has on families. Gina is both an advocate and a caregiver. For those reasons, I am nominating Gina Moran.

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Veteran Hero – People’s Choice!

Frank Cook

Position: Medical Director of Operations

Organization: Brand New Day


I had the pleasure of meeting Frank, through an educational presentation that he so kindly allowed us at 24Hr Homecare to perform for his team of Field Intervention Nurses. From our very first meeting it was apparent that Frank has a zeal for veteran care unlike any I have ever seen before. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable and an expert in this arena, but he also spoke with a poignant sincerity concerning the work that he and his team perform in the field.

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Volunteer Hero - People's Choice

Rosemarie Caulfield

Position: Volunteer

Organization: St. Jude Hospital


Rosemarie meets everyone she comes into contact with, with a huge smile and a helpful disposition. From escorting guests to patient rooms, to providing a laugh at the exact time needed, Rosemarie knows exactly what it means to be a volunteer. Rosemarie works hard, share a distinctive love for people, and always try to lift the spirits of those around them. I believe these characteristics represent all that is good within senior care services, and I am pleased to nominate Rosemarie for the People’s Choice, Volunteer Hero Award.

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Lifetime Achievement Honoree

Dr. George Fields

Position: Chief Medical Officer

Organization: CareMore Essentials



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Senior Care Hero Humanitarian Honoree

Jacqueline Dupont

Position: Founder and CEO

Organization: Dupont Residential Care, Inc., Assured InHome Care, Inc.


Jacqueline Dupont is the founder and Chief Executive Office of Dupont Residential Care, Inc., Assured InHome Care, Inc., Board Member of Vista Gardens, LLC and former owner of Assured Horizons, LLC. She brings more than 23 years of professional experience working with older adults and the Alzheimer’s community, in addition to serving on several boards and committees.

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Outstanding Caregiver

Hugo Albarracin

Position: Caregiver

Organization: Senior Helpers


Hugo Albarracin ~ Hero Caregiver Award Nomination

Hugo has been a professional caregiver for the past 10 years. He provided care in a 65 bed facility for patients with disabilities and became the supervisor for 8 years where he created new fitness programs and unique social activities for his patients. He even introduced the use of technology such as computers and Ipads to his patients with disabilities.

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Outstanding Nurse

Kimberly Nichols

Position: Clinical Coordinator

Organization: Placentia-Linda Hospital


Anyone who knows Kim can attest to her unending patience, kindness and personal integrity. She is constantly being complimented by her patients and families for her personal touch and dedication. She routinely calls her senior patients at home after discharge to "check in" and ensure not only that they received the care and attention they needed in the hospital, but that they have the resources to excel after discharge. For her more critically ill seniors, ...

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Outstanding Social Worker

Grenda Lee

Position: Manager of Ambulatory Care

Organization: St. Joseph Health System


If you think of care & compassion for seniors and their families, Grenda Lee is your go to person. I have had the pleasure to work with her on many collaborative projects and I am simply amazed by her gift of serving seniors and those who are vulnerable and in need of guidance. The following are just a few examples of how much Grenda has touched so many lives.

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Outstanding Therapist

Usha Rajan

Position: Speech Therapist

Organization: Salus Home Health


Usha is one of the most dedicated and compassionate therapists I've ever met. She cares SO much about her patients improving and having a quality of life. For example, she had a patient who was about to pass away. She was very close to the patient, as well as the family. On her day off, she went to the patient's home and stayed with the patient until he passed away. She provide comfort and solace to the family as they were losing their loved one, and stayed with the family for a while after.

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Outstanding Physician

Melissa Rudolph

Position: Emergency Medicine

Organization: St. Joseph Hospital, Orange


Elderly patient from many different cultures experience Dr. Rudolph’s kindheartedness when she sits at the bedside, holding the patient’s hand while explaining their illness. Sometimes these patients are at end of life and this difficult conversation takes place with Dr. Rudolph compassionately communicating a grim prognosis and the options and resources available to patients and families. The calm under pressure Dr. Rudolph exhibits makes her a favorite of staff and patients.

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Outstanding Advocate/Gerontologist/Educator

Tricia Homrighausen

Position: Volunteer Coordinator

Organization: Independence at Home a Community Service of SCAN Health Plan


Tricia began her dedication to serving seniors as a Friendly Visitor volunteer at the Council on Aging Orange County. For five years, she provided support and friendship to a couple as the husband journeyed through the end stages of Alzheimer’s. Tricia expressed that witnessing their commitment to each other had a lasting impact upon her own life: "I discovered that in service to seniors, I received much more than I could ever give."

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Outstanding Executive Director

Ghislaine (Ges) Davis

Position: Founder / Executive Director

Organization: South Bay Village (Senior Program)


She did everything in her power to make the South Bay village program a reality. She worked/volunteer countless hours, evenings, weekends and holidays to make sure that seniors have access to community resources. She wants to make sure that seniors age in place and are able to stay at home and with their love ones. I've never seen so much passion towards the well being of our seniors.

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Outstanding Senior Care Professional

John Gutierrez

Position: VP OC Hospice Executive Director Life & Hope Foundation

Organization: OC Hospice & Life & Hope Foundation


John Gutierrez was raised with 4 brothers and a sister. His Dad came to the U.S. from Mexico during the 1960s under a guest worker program known as The Bracero Program.

Growing up, John saw his Dad’s struggle as an immigrant, but he also saw how his hard work paid off as he transitioned from farm worker into landscaping.

Growing up in a tiny home surrounded by love, John shares, "It was small, but it was enough."

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