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Natasha Rea

Natasha Rea

Position: Personal Attendant

Organization: Silverado Care


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Natasha Rea is a Personal Attendant with Silverado Care. She has lovingly worked as a caregiver for almost 5 years. Within that time frame 12 clients have been fortunate to call her their caregiver. She doesn’t look at caregiving as a job, but rather her calling.

Why should this person be nominated
With each client she spends the time to truly understand what brings them joy and is intentional about making sure that they receive that. Rather it be a special treat from their favorite bakery or spending extra time in conversation with them upon the completion of her shift. Once Natasha has cared for a client, she remains in contact with them. She remembers their Birthdays and special events. She calls them and visits them, just to “check in” and make them feel loved.

To say that Natasha is dedicated is an understatement. Natasha is a live in caregiver, who provides 24 hour care for up to 4 days a week. She is willing to drive any distance to provide care. She is intentional about building a bond and connection with her client’s. She enjoys getting her client’s to engage in activities outside of their home so that they can truly embrace life. In Natasha’s own words she says that she continues to “be a caregiver because it is very rewarding. I enjoy helping to better one’s quality of life. I have priceless memories that I treasure. My life is truly enriched because of the clients. They are my blessings.” What she enjoys most about providing care to her clients is “putting a smile on a client’s face and providing quality care”.

Natasha is a treasure. She is incredibly hard working, compassionate and loving. She is true Senior Hero.