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Jackie Goldberg

Jackie Goldberg

Position: CEO

Organization: Senior Star Power


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Jackie Goldberg is a petite 83 year old dynamo known as the Pink Lady, so named because you will never see her dressed in anything but pink! She has dressed in pink for forty years. Pink flavors her philosophy of life as she “Thinks pink.” She looks for the energy, love and inner beauty in everything and everyone around her as she views life through “rose colored glasses.”
Jackie became a widow at age 70 and found herself alone with no children at home and her nine to five job over. At that point, she decided it was time to begin a new life chapter. She created a series of seminars called, “Get Up, Get Out and Get a Life!” Her goal was to inspire and encourage seniors and baby boomers to follow new paths and open new doors to enhance their lives.
Her senior advocacy seminars were a great success, and that success, coupled with her love of the theatre, led to the founding of Senior Star Power Productions, a 501 (C ) (3) nonprofit, with the goal of revitalizing the careers of senior performers and talented baby boomers and seniors who wish to begin new careers. To date, Senior Star Power Productions has produced a series of live stage shows called “Rockin’ With the Ages,” featuring casts who are all between the ages of 60 and 80 years “young!” Her production company produces the only senior theatre in Southern California.
Jackie’s next goal is to create a year-round Senior Theatrical Arts and Cultural Center in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, providing a venue for senior performers to “strut their stuff!” She also envisions it as a place to conduct workshops and offer classes that empower mature adults to manage their own health, to stay active and to lead more fulfilling lives.
Those who know the Pink Lady, know she has a true zest for life! Her energy, vitality and positive attitude inspire others to see that they can still be vital, productive, creative, energetic and entertaining, with endless opportunities available! As she says, “Age is only a number!”

Why should this person be nominated
Jackie is nominated because she tirelessly works to keep seniors visible through her efforts promoting their talents,vast experiences, knowledge base and abilities. She is constantly reminding everyone that Seniors still matter and can continue to contribute positively to this nation!