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Hugo Albarracin

Hugo Albarracin

Position: Caregiver

Organization: Senior Helpers


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Exceptional In-Home Caregiver ~ cares for his clients like they are family.

Why should this person be nominated
Hugo Albarracin ~ Hero Caregiver Award Nomination

Hugo has been a professional caregiver for the past 10 years. He provided care in a 65 bed facility for patients with disabilities and became the supervisor for 8 years where he created new fitness programs and unique social activities for his patients. He even introduced the use of technology such as computers and Ipads to his patients with disabilities.

Hugo is an avid runner and physical fitness is very important to him. Now, an in-home caregiver, Hugo motivates his clients to get out for walks any chance he gets and makes sure that they have good nutrition. He has been known to make grocery ‘suggestions’ to the family of his client to ensure he can provide healthy meals.

Our clients often say that Hugo continually goes over and above what is expected. For example, he noticed that one client frequently complained of back pain. He also noticed that when they went to the grocery store, the client walked with great posture while he pushed the grocery cart. After that, Hugo and his client worked for a week straight adapting the handles of his walker allowing his client to walk upright as he did with the grocery cart. His client no longer is hunched over and walks a mile a day with Hugo and the use of his modified walker.

Hugo pays special attention to the comfort of this patients. He knows many elderly clients are sensitive to cold and this can deter them from showering. Hugo makes special effort to ensure the bathroom and towels are heated ahead of time. Hugo even warms the shampoo and wash clothes to provide a relaxing showering experience his clients look forward to.

One last example of how Hugo stives to bring joy to his clients every day is when he made special effort to get his bedridden client into a pool to simply float and relax. This took the assistance of one family member and a slide board and was initiated by Hugo often because he knew his client enjoyed it. This client is no longer with us and the family has expressed how they miss Hugo being there and were so blessed because he cared effortlessly for their loved one.

Hugo is a great communicator and liaison for his clients, he’s on time, respectful and truly makes a difference in the life of each client with whom he spends time. Hugo is clearly a Hero to many!

Tricia Duffy
Senior Helpers Yorba Linda