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Frank Cook

Frank Cook

Position: Medical Director of Operations

Organization: Brand New Day


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Frank began his nursing career in 1984 as a Combat Medic in the South Korean War. Frank continued to provide medical support to our military until he was Honourably Discharged in 1990. Once discharged from the U.S. Army, Frank knew that he wanted to continue to have a positive impact on society. So, not only did he become an ordained minister at United Universalist Church in Stanton, CA (1990-Present), but he also began working Universal Care, as a field nurse, specializing in Orthopaedics, Surgery and Urology. Frank's combination of sincere bed side manner, along with his dedicated work ethic, have proven to set him apart as a huge asset within the Universal Care Network.

Before beginning his work at Brand New Day (HMO for the mentally Ill), Frank was promoted to oversee three Universal Care facilities in the Greater Orange County area. Since 2000, Frank serves not only as the Medical Director of Operations at Brand New Day, but also as the Military Chaplin for the Orange County chapter. Frank has the personal touch and rapport with each of his patients (most of which are mentally challenged) that exemplifies the altruistic nature, fundamental to what the Senior Care Hero Awards were founded upon.

Why should this person be nominated
I had the pleasure of meeting Frank, through an educational presentation that he so kindly allowed us at 24Hr Homecare to perform for his team of Field Intervention Nurses. From our very first meeting it was apparent that Frank has a zeal for veteran care unlike any I have ever seen before. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable and an expert in this arena, but he also spoke with a poignant sincerity concerning the work that he and his team perform in the field.

“Any Veteran could become homeless, armless, legless, or mentally ill in an instant. I have seen many retired veterans, some of which were friends, just say to heck with society and leave. The wiring snaps and they can’t make sense of what is in their head… Many times we are the only buffer that our patients have between independent/community life and an institution” – Frank Cook

As if Frank was not busy enough, he still finds time every month to volunteer at the VA Hospital in the city of Long Beach, where he organizes and supports Senior Programs for Mentally Ill patients. His hands on, caring approach to our Veteran’s, allow Frank to bring them a sense of value, hope and dignity.

It has been a great pleasure working with Frank. He has a passion for people in need, and it is obvious by his actions that he is extremely dedicated to sharing his kindness to anyone willing to accept. We at 24Hr Homecare must say thank you to Mr. Frank Cook for being an inspirational, innovative leader at Brand New Day.