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Usha Rajan

Usha Rajan

Position: Speech Therapist

Organization: Salus Home Health


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Usha provides speech therapy to older adults in the community.

Why should this person be nominated
Usha is one of the most dedicated and compassionate therapists I've ever met. She cares SO much about her patients improving and having a quality of life. For example, she had a patient who was about to pass away. She was very close to the patient, as well as the family. On her day off, she went to the patient's home and stayed with the patient until he passed away. She provide comfort and solace to the family as they were losing their loved one, and stayed with the family for a while after.

She had another patient who had dementia, and his wife had dementia as well. The wife would not let very many people into the house, but Usha was one of the few people that the wife trusted. Even after discharging the patient, Usha went to their house twice, to make sure that the husband's swallowing issues were being addressed, and the wife and caregiver knew the best way to help him with eating.

She goes way behind her job duties to help people, and deserves to be recognized for her service to older adults.