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Ghislaine (Ges) Davis

Ghislaine (Ges) Davis

Position: Founder / Executive Director

Organization: South Bay Village (Senior Program)


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?

Ghislaine Davis, Executive Director and Founder of South Bay Village program – a program to keep seniors in their homes with the help of volunteers and community members. Attended Sinai Hospital School of Nursing – 1972, graduated as a licensed nurse with specialty certification as a Coronary Care Nurse. Was a nurse for 14 years?
Volunteered at RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program starting in April 2003, then was hired as the Program Manager was employed there for seven years. Executive Director stated that one of the major reasons that RSVP grew as a service provider was the due diligence of Ms. Davis. She worked with severely limited funds, staff and resources grew the number of volunteers from 465 volunteers to close to 1000 volunteers in the time she worked at RSVP. One of her greatest accomplishments has been in the area of personal volunteer management. Her skills as a presenter have grown through SAIF and Herman the Crab Presentations, where she single handedly conceived of and received permission to teach an emergency preparedness program for elementary school children throughout the Torrance Unified School District. Under the direction of the FIMA program, she put together a book called “Herman the Crab”, created a power point presentation and presented this program to children at the Torrance Unified School District. This program was done on her own personal time. Ms. Davis also started and maintained the CVAN program – Community Volunteer Alert Network a program with 175 volunteers. CVAN is a self-activated volunteer program that is activated during an emergency. Ms. Davis was a CERT (Certified Emergency Response Team) and is a Torrance Licensed Amateur Radio Operator and a member of TARA (Torrance Amateur Radio Association. During this time period, Ms. Davis was also a Commissioner for the City of Torrance - Disaster Preparedness Program Team. Ms. Davis also ran the SAIF (Seniors Against Investment Fraud), a program designed to protect seniors against investment Fraud.
While working at RSVP, Ms. Davis constantly looked for opportunities to help seniors on a more personal level. As a Commissioner on Aging, Ms. Davis learned about the village program that was started in Beacon Hill, Massachusetts and began researching the village program. She has now started the South Bay Village program starting in the city of Torrance and surrounding area.

Why should this person be nominated
She did everything in her power to make the South Bay village program a reality. She worked/volunteer countless hours, evenings, weekends and holidays to make sure that seniors have access to community resources. She wants to make sure that seniors age in place and are able to stay at home and with their love ones. I've never seen so much passion towards the well being of our seniors.