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Grenda Lee

Grenda Lee

Position: Manager of Ambulatory Care

Organization: St. Joseph Health System


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Grenda Lee has been in the field of serving seniors and their families for over 20-years. She has be an instrumental figure in the field of serving the senior community in LA and Orange Counties. She has provided excellent care management in the community by conducting home visits to aide those having a difficult time navigating their care. She has been a go to person in the field of Geriatic Social Work and mental health issues in the senior community. She has educated and empowered senior patients and families during difficult inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations, when they would not otherwise know what to do or how to proceed. Let's face it, this is a time when many are overwhelmed and frightened. This is the time with Grenda steps in and helps guide the process for the best outcome for our senior patients.

Grenda is now in a management position, where she oversees staff and programs that are aimed to service our patients. She has the natural ability to support, education and train her staff to identify senior needs, to be mindful of the mind, body and spirit of our senior patients so that the best possible outcome can be reached for each senior patient/family.

She is truly an advocate for our staff in supporting them in serving our senior patients as well as finding ways that staff can empower their patients. Without a doubt, you would want Grenda on your team if you are in need of a senior advocate.

Why should this person be nominated
If you think of care & compassion for seniors and their families, Grenda Lee is your go to person. I have had the pleasure to work with her on many collaborative projects and I am simply amazed by her gift of serving seniors and those who are vulnerable and in need of guidance. The following are just a few examples of how much Grenda has touched so many lives.
I have seen her work with extremely sensitive cases with such grace and dignity. I can recall one case in particular where a patient found his significant other was sent to jail for something that was very difficult to grasp. The patient was devastated to the point of an attempt at suicide. Grenda came into the picture to help this gentleman build up his self-confidence, she aided him in get his living situation resolved, and she pulled together some much needed resources to help him get back on the road to a new life. I often think back on this case and wonder if others in the field would have known what to do in this delicate situation.
Grenda has worked with many patients and families that many choose not to work with for a variety of reasons, and she has done wonders with them. I often recall a case where there was a patient and daughter team that were at each other’s throats. The elderly patient was difficult to deal with & was quite opinionated and rude. The daughter was manipulative and avoided the truth. It was Grenda who was able to arrange for a few family meetings to help this volatile mother daughter team get on track. Despite the terrible attitudes of the patient and daughter, it was Grenda who was able to get the patient into some overdue primary care appointments to resolve some serious infections, get the patient into some much needed therapeutic counseling sessions and eventually helped the patient reconnect with her daughter instead of further ruining the limited relationship they had for the past several years.
More recently, during a staff meeting an adult patient who was developmentally delayed walked into the room with his caregiver making strange noises and refusing to leave. The meeting was over and Grenda was talking to a case manager and stopped her conversation to talk to the patient. She introduced herself and asked him his name and made conversation with him. The staff at the doctor's office was trying to get the patient into their office but the patient was refusing to leave and sat in the room. Grenda instructed the case managers to encourage the patient to follow them out towards the doctor's office. The patient followed everyone and was lead to the doctor's office where the staff was able to get him ready for his appointment. Grenda has a natural talent of being able to utilize her critical thinking skills to assess a situation and implement a resolution with the best interest of the patient to provide the best outcome. The situation could have ended up in a different scenario if not handled properly but she was able to assist the patient without judgment, with empathy and dignity for his condition and situation. She has such a wonderful way of making people feel respected and listened to and makes it look so effortless.
I could seriously go on and on about all the fantastic wonders that Grenda has done for senior patients in our group, seniors in her church, and those in the community. I must also add that in her spare time, Grenda has served on the senior & homeless mission groups at her church. She has done this because she just cares for others and is that kind of person.
Grenda is now managing our ambulatory care department and I think of how she truly cares for each and every one. She gives from the heart and I know her to be committed to this approach in life. I consider myself blessed to know her and to have worked with her.