Outstanding Caregiver

  Shelia Hubbard

Position: Caregiver

Organization: Oasis In-Home Care


The word "Hero" defines someone who "in the face of adversity or from a position of weakness, displays courage and the will for self-sacrifice—that is, heroism". While all Oasis caregivers consistently and compassionately engage with their senior clients, Shelia Hubbard embodies this ethic at an entirely different level.


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Outstanding Nurse

  Joyce Brown

Position: Caremore Touch Lead Nurse Practitioner

Organization: Caremore Health Plan


As a lead person for her team, Joyce oversees other teammates and sets an example for everyone on delivering holistic care for elders who need a special touch. Not only does she bring joy and comfort to them, she also keep them in high spirits. She makes sure that every senior person being seen is respected in regards to their wishes and desires - by informed consent and sharing the care goals with the family and the team. As a physician, I often encounter Joyce visiting our elderly patients and meeting with family in late hours so she can accommodate their needs.


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Outstanding Social Worker

  Angelique Ellingboe

Position: Social Worker

Organization: Long Beach Memorial Medical Center


When you talk about will power, dedication and passion, you're talking about Angelique. She has overcome her own disabilities and has dedicated her life to help others. There is no one that can even come close to her loving, caring and her passion for life. She goes above and beyond to make sure that her seniors are cared for. She is a beautiful human being in every single way, she is golden!!! If you're looking for a hero, don't look any more her name in Angelique, she is my hero. Wait, she is everyone's hero!!


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Outstanding Physician

  John Zamarra

Position: Cardiologist

Organization: Natural Medicine Health and Heart Group & Associates, Inc.


A doctor who answers his office phone? Yep! Dr. Zamarra prides himself in being available to his patient calls after hours ~ his own concierge service. He feels that answering services can be cold and impersonal at times. He prefers to connect with his patients directly. "I'm always accessible to my patients, because that's what I do. This isn't a job for me ... this is my life and I love it."


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Outstanding Executive Director

  Anwar M. Saeed

Position: Executive Director/ Administrator

Organization: Alicia Care


A humble man, Dr. Saeed will tell you he has opened his heart and mind to those in his care as well as those who work alongside him. He speaks of the many residents he has had in his home over the years, and each story is spoken with love and respect. He carries in his heart those who have since passed, while committed to caring for those in his charge today. He embodies the unique qualities of sensitivity, empathy and ability to instill a sense of hope, which distinguishes him and makes him worthy of recognition as a "Senior Care Hero".


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Outstanding Senior Care Professional

  Fredy Dominguez

Position: Director of Community Relations

Organization: Attentive Home Care


Fredy came from very humble beginnings, facing many challenges, but he always follow his father’s advice; with hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. In his younger years, his family was struggling and there wasn't enough money for him to attend school. At age of 14, Fredy had to drop out of school and move to the ranch to assist his dad and provide for the family. While his parents believed that Fredy didn't want to continue school, the real reason he dropped out was because during that time his parents were forced to choose between food for the family or paying for Fredy’s education. "I know the feeling of hunger and not having much to eat. So when I hear about frail and elderly people going hungry in our community (where there is so much abundance), I’m concerned and feel compelled to help"


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Senior Hero - People's Choice!

  Brenda Smith

Position: Owner

Organization: Feeding in Motion


I met Brenda Smith one night at a gas station in Long Beach. I was returning to my car after paying for the gas, when I noticed her vehicle filled with food. Being the naturally curious person that I am, I asked her what in the world she was going to do with all of it. She told me that she collected excess food from various food banks and other sources which she then delivered to families and individuals, including seniors (many of them grandparents caring for their grandchildren), in need who just couldn’t keep up with their bills for various reasons – loss of a job, illness, rent increases, or expenses such as school uniforms and supplies. Most often that food meant the family would not go to bed hungry! She would faithfully deliver to a family or individual until such time as they could get back on their feet. She said hearing the words, "Brenda, my freezer is full, give the food to someone else," and the accompanying smiles make her efforts worthwhile.


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Volunteer Hero - People's Choice

 Helen Lynn

Position: Volunteer

Organization: Independence at Home


It takes a unique and dedicated person to wear as many different volunteer hats as Helen Lynn. A senior herself, Helen has spent many years as a volunteer, helping seniors since 2008.

It is my privilege to work with Helen through Volunteer Action for Aging by Independence at Home, a community service of SCAN Health Plan. Our mission is to help ensure that seniors continue to live safely, independently, and engaged in their communities. Working alongside all our dedicated volunteers, Helen brings our mission to life. In 2013, as we expanded our programs into Orange County, Helen was our first volunteer. She never hesitated to assist as we distributed Essentials of Independence Kits to seniors in need in Anaheim or hand knit blankets to appreciative seniors in Fullerton.


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Family Member Hero - People's Choice

Dennis Wills

Position: Family Member

Organization: The Groves Senior Living of Tustin


Every day for the last two years, Dennis has continued to be a devoted husband, visiting his wife everyday at dinner time to continue with their tradition of sitting down to dinner together every night. Recently, Dennis has been appointed as the Chairman to the Groves of Tustin's Walk to End Alzheimer's Team raising funds to help end Alzheimer's. This year, Dennis has raised the team goal to $8,000 surpassing the $7,000 raised last year by the team.

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Veteran Hero – People’s Choice!

 Alfonzo Jackson

Position: Veteran

Organization: Senior Helpers


Born February 6th 1938 in Birmingham Alabama, raised by his mother after losing his father at three years old. Alfonso Jackson entered into the United States Navy in 1955 at the young age of 17 and went on to serve 3 tours in Vietnam. In 2012, Alfonso started losing his vision and within the next few months most of his vision was gone. Rev. Jackson had to relearn how to see, this time not with his eyes but rather with touching and feeling. He first attended rehab in Augusta Georgia, where he also became very active in the Veteran community. He knew right away he wanted to dedicate his time to helping other veterans with their disabilities. Rev Jackson continued his rehabilitation in Long Beach Ca and went on to graduate the rehab program in 2015.

Now currently serving as the Chaplin of the Long Beach BVA and assisting over 6,000 veterans throughout the Orange County region, Rev Jackson is very active in the veteran community. He attends the VA multiple times per month, is an active speaker and recently volunteered for the White Cane Walk. With a contagious laugh and a heart of Gold, Rev Jackson can bring out the best in anyone and is passionate for caring for his fellow vets. He believes everyone including veterans should be loved and cared for while they are still here. Find the humor in life and make the best out of it while you still can, are just some of the words of wisdom he so often likes to share. He says, Veterans never give up they only fade away.
“Get your roses while you can still smell them and see them” – Rev Alfonso Jackson

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