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John Zamarra

John Zamarra

Position: Cardiologist

Organization: Natural Medicine Health and Heart Group & Associates, Inc.


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Dr. John Zamarra has a private practice of Cardiology and Internal Medicine which focuses on seniors in Fullerton, CA. His hospital affiliations are with St. Jude Heritage, UCI Medical Center, Placentia Linda Hospital and Kindred Hospital, Brea.

Dr. Zamarra has an outstanding record in taking care of his patients over the years. He has had the privilege of following many of his patients for decades and is well acquainted with not only their health concerns but also their entire life experience and overall wellbeing. He is trusted for his expertise and for his strong advocacy for his patient’s best interests along their entire lives especially in their golden years.

Why should this person be nominated
A doctor who answers his office phone? Yep! Dr. Zamarra prides himself in being available to his patient calls after hours ~ his own concierge service. He feels that answering services can be cold and impersonal at times. He prefers to connect with his patients directly. "I'm always accessible to my patients, because that's what I do. This isn't a job for me ... this is my life and I love it."

On a daily basis Dr. John Zamarra is known for being dedicated to his patients. He spends the time necessary with each one of his patients both at the office and at the hospital. His entire life is dedicated to care for those that he has been entrusted with. Dr. Zamarra’s life is a reflection of what he believes and what gives him the inspiration to keep doing what he loves...his patients. In addition, Dr. Zamarra is a strong advocate for patients making meaningful lifestyle choices. He advocates that lifestyle is as important or even more important than merely taking medications. He is also a firm believer in the true meaning of a holistic approach or as he would say, ‘wholistic’ as it includes the entire patient’s life, and lifestyle choices. His ‘wholistic’ patient-centered approach adds a valuable and unique wealth of knowledge and expertise to augment and enhance his cardiology and internal medicine practice

On a personal note, this is what others are saying about him:
One patient said he’s a “straight shooter” and they really appreciate his honesty. "He is genuine and positive."

His staff says "He's a good soul" and "He's very caring and goes out of his way for patients."
For example, Dr. Zamarra recently had a family request an appointment to discuss a loved
one’s health status. Dr. Zamarra generously gave of his time to meet with this concerned family to discuss what was best for their loved one. It is rare to see this kind of time and genuine care in today’s health care setting.

Dr. David C. Petreccia said "I entrusted both of my parents to his care over the years."

Dr. Panagiotis P. Bougas said "It is with great confidence that I can comment on his clinical skills and describe him as an excellent physician with impeccable medical judgment and great interpersonal skills, both with patients and colleagues”.

Dr. Jeffrey R. Dell said "He is a well-respected, noninvasive Cardiologist. I have observed him in the setting of the Emergency Department, the ICU, and office practice. His is strong with both diagnosis and therapy. His rapport with patients and family is excellent. He is a caring and compassionate physician."

I've seen first hand how his senior patients feel so valued and cared for by Dr. Zamarra. They are truly heard.

It's our turn to give the blessing to Dr. Zamarra. Please join me in getting the word out about Dr.Zamarra's nomination and let's give him the SCHA Outstanding Physician's Award on October 15, 2016.

Tricia Duffy
Director of Community Relations
Senior Helpers Orange