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Fredy Dominguez

Fredy Dominguez

Position: Director of Community Relations

Organization: Attentive Home Care


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Fredy’s first job in the senior care industry was in late 2004 as a medical equipment liaison visiting seniors with diabetes and measuring their feet to make sure that they got the appropriate shoes. Fredy began doing presentations at churches and senior centers about the effects of diabetes, diabetes prevention and management.

In 2007 he started doing a basic weekly newsletter to inform his referral sources of upcoming changes and events. This small newsletter has grown to the point that now reaches more than 3500 senior care professionals. Known as Fredy’s Weekly, it has become one of the main resource tools in the seniors care in SoCal.

Fredy joined Attentive Home Care’s Community Relations Team in 2011. He spearheads the Orange County and south bay networking breakfast/lunch meetings providing education and networking opportunities to seniors care industry professionals.  Today his events are some of the most well attended, providing opportunities to network and build relationships among senior care providers.  Listed below are just a few of the responsibilities Fredy currently oversees and is part of:

• Founding Committee Member of the Senior Care Hero Awards
• President of the Signal Hill Rotary Club.
• Chair Committee for the Long Beach /South Bay Alzheimer’s Walk4ALZ.
• Board of Director for the Long Beach Community Hospital Foundation.
• Member of the Speakers Bureau Alzheimer’s Association and now Alzheimer’s Grater LA.
• Committee Member- Dignity Health & St Mary Hospital Grants Program
• In 2014 and 2015 he was recognized by the National Readmission Prevention Collaborative as a pioneer in Readmission prevention and education in Southern CA.
• Founding Committee for the Senior Village program of the South Bay
• 2014 Recipient of The Oliver Halsell Care Award (for kindnesses & dedication to serving others)

Frankly, it’s hard to imagine how he is able to manage all of these obligations. There are only so many hours in the day, but Fredy finds a way to do it and do it well. Fredy's selfless approach in whatever he does sets him apart from most others in the Long Term Care Field. He fund raises tirelessly for worthy causes like Alzheimer’s and SeniorServ to provide a safety net for the underserved to facilitating vital information, nutrition and support.

Why should this person be nominated
Fredy came from very humble beginnings, facing many challenges, but he always follow his father’s advice; with hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. In his younger years, his family was struggling and there wasn't enough money for him to attend school. At age of 14, Fredy had to drop out of school and move to the ranch to assist his dad and provide for the family. While his parents believed that Fredy didn't want to continue school, the real reason he dropped out was because during that time his parents were forced to choose between food for the family or paying for Fredy’s education. "I know the feeling of hunger and not having much to eat. So when I hear about frail and elderly people going hungry in our community (where there is so much abundance), I’m concerned and feel compelled to help”

At age 21, Fredy immigrated to the US to continue his education and follow his dreams. While his friends were out having fun, he was at home or at the library studying, taking full time college courses and working full time. "When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut or a doctor. I've always had big dreams, but never thought I’d end up serving the senior community, helping our fragile seniors and people that work with them. This is what I love to do, I would not trade it for anything”

That is apparent in this story about an elderly friend. She called Fredy at 7:30pm. It was very clear in her voice that she was in distress and something was very wrong. He asked what’s was happening and she was very hesitant to tell him. But she did ask if he was busy and nearby. He said that he wasn’t busy and he was near, even though he was exhausted from a long day and he was already home. She asked him if he could pick up her medicine from the pharmacy because she was in extreme pain and the medication that the doctor prescribed earlier was not working. She called him because she didn’t want her family to worry about her. He drove from Long Beach to OC in record time, went and got her the medicine. When he got there he noticed that she had not gotten up of her chair the whole day and had not eaten anything. So, he made her dinner. The medication helped, but she was still in pain. She had injured herself trying to help her husband who is 86 years old and has mid-stage Alzheimer’s. He wanted her to go to the emergency department, but she said that she was ok. So now, she couldn’t even take care of her husband or herself and she was the one needing care, too. Fredy stayed with her till past midnight to make sure that she was ok. He wanted to stay longer, but she insisted that she was fine. She wasn’t; she still ended up calling the paramedics two hours later, but she made sure to call Fredy to let him know. She is home and doing better now, but he is still checking on her and her husband every other day.

Another side of Fredy is his passion and talent for sculpting. Not many people are aware that Fredy is an award winning sculptor and that his sculptures had been shown in galleries and museums in Southern California. But even in this, Fredy is always thinking of his seniors. At the 2015 Senior Care Hero Awards, Fredy donated 5 sculptures to be auctioned off, with the majority of the proceeds going to SeniorServ’s nutrition and support programs.

If you meet Fredy, you will never know he is going through a most difficult time. He is the primary caregiver of a loved one who was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago. She had been declared cancer free only to find out last May that she now has stage 4 breast cancer which has metastasized to her spine. It's not easy, but Fredy is always there for a friend in need.

It may sound cliché, but to know Fredy is to LOVE Fredy! And he is obviously a Hero to many!