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Shanga Jordan

Shanga Jordan

Position: Discharge Coordinator

Organization: Los Alamitos Medical Center


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
She is a nurse by trade and at heart. She works in the Los Alamitos Hospital and out on the field ensuring that her clients have the best care possible. She is always looking to ensure that the senior community is both protected and cared for. She is the most positive person you'll meet always influencing seniors not only at the hospital but also at their own home.

Why should this person be nominated
"My life has been a struggle. I come from foster care to where I am now. I have always been the one that would give my last to help someone, even if it meant that I would be without. I became a nurse to help others in a way that I felt I could make a difference. I love my job. I am pursuing my RN at this time because I would like to make a bigger difference in the lives of my patients. As I see the patients that are struggling to get the things that the need to survive or at minimum make it another day I realize that there are so many things that I would need to accomplish to provide just a little comfort to them. My Big Momma struggled so much when she was retired because she made just a few pennies over what the county programs called "poverty" and they denied her access to any programs. At the hospital there are so many that I see come in that need help at home but just cant afford it because they need a roof over their head. As a nurse I try to ensure that I make my patients feel as if there is at least one person who is there to fight for them and do everything in my power to try to help and give them a sense of caring and help to get them thru their day. While my struggle continues to a higher level of impact I will continue to do my best to make at minimum a smile spread across the face of my patients"