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Shelia Hubbard

Shelia Hubbard

Position: Caregiver

Organization: Oasis In-Home Care


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
As a senior herself, Shelia has had a long career of selflessly serving others. Whether during her many years as a nurse, or in the non-medical caregiving role which she presently serves.

Why should this person be nominated
The word “Hero” defines someone who “in the face of adversity or from a position of weakness, displays courage and the will for self-sacrifice—that is, heroism”. While all Oasis caregivers consistently and compassionately engage with their senior clients, Shelia Hubbard embodies this ethic at an entirely different level.
Shelia's selflessness has been clearly demonstrated in her willingness to self-sacrifice for the sake of her clients. Of the many examples that speak to her dedication, two stand out as especially noteworthy. One example of Shelia's tenacity in the face of adversity was she was recently hospitalized due to a severe illness. Her long term client had celebrated her 100th birthday this past year, but was deteriorating rapidly, was bedbound, and relied entirely on our caregivers for fundamental care. Shelia, out of concern for her client and her client's 90+year old husband, went to her client's home upon her own discharge from the hospital to make sure they had everything they needed. Shelia overlooked her own need for recuperation to be there to care for a family experiencing a very difficult time. This self-sacrifice and "others first" mindset is embodied in the best of heroes.
A second example of Shelia's recent heroism was when one of our clients called, desperate for our help. He was his wife's primary caregiver, but he was taken suddenly by ambulance to the hospital, leaving his very fragile wife at home. In all the commotion, he realized he had taken the couple's cell phone with him. The concern was that his bedbound wife was left with no phone with which to call for help. Like a caped crusader, Shelia immediately heard of the need, drove from her own home to the facility, took the phone to the client's home, and made sure the bedbound client was taken care of and set up with supplies before leaving. This selfless act is just a recent example of why Shelia's clients so often say “What would we ever do without Shelia?"”, and that she “is an immense relief”.
Born out of a personal ethic, and in spite of sometimes very trying circumstances, Shelia self-sacrificially places her clients’ immediate needs above her own. As a senior herself, Shelia heroically engages in providing clients with excellent care where many others in the industry might pass the buck. Shelia, you are a senior care hero!