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Sandra Juarez

Sandra Juarez

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What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Sandra Juarez exemplifies a being a Senior Care Hero. In addition to her role as a dedicated mother, daughter and sister, she is an advocate for not only the seniors in our community, but also for family and professional caregivers. Sandra left the corporate business world to become the primary caregiver and advocate for both of her parents when they fell ill. She developed her advocacy for her parent’s fight for quality of life as they suffered from debilitating disease, as she learned about and navigated the politics of long-term care, hospice and palliative care options. Sandra’s business acumen allowed her to recognize caveats to care approaches and how to dissect practices to best fit her parent’s long-term care needs, so that she can serve as an information resource to others going through the same situation within their families.

Why should this person be nominated
Sandra understands the importance of strong family relationships and being the intergenerational anchor. Her experience with her parents, while caring for her two sons, took a toll on her physical, mental and emotional health. As such, Sandra is passionate about teaching self-care and the importance of external support for caregivers; the ones on the front lines who take a hit for those who cannot care for themselves. Sandra was transformed as she saw the need for caregiver/personal care resources, and now advocates as a speaker and trainer in healthy living. Sandra has co-authored an anthology of stories, in which she openly shares her testimony as inspiration to others. Her candid writing has also produced an article that was highlighted in the OC Register in tribute to her father and his struggle with Idiopathic Palimony Fibrosis. She has additionally served as an Advocate in helping lead the Pulmonary Fibrosis Walk in Orange County with the Pulmonary Fibrosis Coalition to help raise funds and awareness of the incurable disease of IPF. Sandra, most importantly, serves as a beacon of light and strength to single mothers in all stages, walking alongside them in prayer and practice as they care for their families, as she has done.