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Marlyn Bates

Marlyn Bates

Position: Home Care Aide

Organization: 24Hr HomeCare


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Marlyn Bates is an exceptional Home Care Aide who has dedicated 5 years to serving seniors while working with 24Hr HomeCare. Marlyn constantly receives the highest praise and feedback from the seniors that she serves. Marlyn always goes above and beyond, tending to her clients’ every need while treating them as though they are a member of her own family. She shows kindness, not only with her clients, but also as a vital member of “Team 24” as she routinely keeps our support staff up to date through thoughtful and clear communication, always with the best interest of her clients in mind. Marilyn loves her work as a Home Care Aide so much so that she is always willing to go the extra mile, even after a busy week, to make sure her client’s needs are met and cared for. 24Hr HomeCare has a strong culture of recognition and Marilyn has been recognized as Caregiver of the Month multiple times due to her tireless efforts to provide unparalleled care that exceeds the expectations of both company and client.

Maryln’s personality is so infectious and she loves her work so much that her joy and passion permeate over to her clients on a day to day basis. Recently, she has been working with the same client and the client’s daughter reached out just to praise Maryln for her calm and soothing temperament that she believes played a standout role in helping her father make strides to recovery through proper encouragement and Marlyn’s exceptional care. Numerous other clients have provided feedback that because of Marlyn’s expertise and proactive nature, they have seen more progress with their daily physical therapy exercises at home than they ever experienced in facilities that specialize in rehabilitation. Marlyn routinely displays a level of commitment to her work and her clients that is truly unprecedented. One such example is that Marlyn fully commits to her clients by commuting over 30 miles to her assignment every day. These words merely scratch the surface of expressing how truly amazing Marlyn really is.

Why should this person be nominated
I would like to leave you with a story that truly exemplifies Marlyn’s tireless dedication to the seniors she serves. One day, Marlyn was scheduled for a short visit with a client because she had a funeral to attend later that afternoon. However, the caregiver that was relieving her had an emergency and was unable to make it at all to relieve Marlyn. Put between a rock and a hard place and to ensure that her client wouldn’t go without care, Marlyn made a tough decision to sacrifice the funeral she was supposed to attend in order to care for her client. Marlyn stayed eight extra hours until the overnight caregiver could relieve her. That is dedication that one cannot expect or ask for but is a true example of what Marilyn represents. Marlyn’s steadfast dedication to her life’s work, compassionate disposition, and unparalleled pursuit to help others is why I believe Marlyn Bates should be recognized as this years’ Outstanding Caregiver!