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Dereck Cretz

Dereck Cretz

Position: Director of Social Services

Organization: Alamitos Belmont Rehabilitation Hospital


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Dereck Cretz has been the Social Worker at Alamitos Belmont Rehab Hospital since 2003.
The role of the Social Worker in a skilled nursing setting is to be a patient advocate and to do whatever it takes to ensure that the resident’s needs are being met.

Dereck has gone above and beyond helping all residents in the facility but he really goes out of his way to help our residents that have no family. One resident had no family and Dereck brought in some extra clothes because the resident had none. The resident was so grateful because it was winter and he needed more than a hospital gown. Another resident who is still in the facility faced the same issues and had very little help from his family. This particular resident needed to vacate his senior living apartment and needed to move his things into a storage unit. Dereck was able to get a truck and a friend to help move this resident. Dereck did this on his own time and used his own expenses. This was not the first time that Dereck helped move a resident. Dereck also uses his own money to buy sodas and cereal for another long-term resident that is limited on funds and lacks family support.

Dereck also helps our long-term residents with the Medi-Cal determination process to ensure that coverage is continued. Dereck will go out of his way to help provide resources for family members that need help. Dereck also helps families by ordering medical equipment that is not covered by insurance. He does this by ordering on Amazon online and uses his own credit card to pay. This makes it easier for families that are not so internet savvy. The families just pay Dereck and are extremely grateful.

When Dereck is off work he enjoys sporting events. He loves the Dodgers, San Antonio Spurs, and Buffalo Bills. Some of Dereck’s co-workers will turn to him for advice regarding their Fantasy Football line-up. Dereck never forgets his co-workers birthday’s and always reminds us to buy “lemon flavored” cakes or pies.

Alamitos Belmont is lucky to have Dereck on their team.

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