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Sylvia Adler

Sylvia Adler

Position: Liaison

Organization: OC Hospice


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Sylvia has worked with OC Hospice for many years, starting as an OC Hospice Volunteer and then moving into the office to run Human Resources. But, being so wonderful with people and so empathetic with families and patients, she was a natural to go out and explain hospice benefits to families in crisis as a Liaison for OC Hospice.

Why should this person be nominated
Sylvia works tirelessly to make sure everyone, first know what hospice IS and then making sure they know what a difference a family-owned company can make.

She is always happy to bring a new client on board, because she knows that this person's quality of life will be much improved. She lives to help people and make sure their end of life is peaceful. I am blessed to know and work with Sylvia.

She is also out in the community teaching, speaking and helping those in need. She gives up her weekends many times to help a family in distress, and she spreads the word about varying resources in order that they might get the best help available.

Sylvia should be awarded the Senior Hero Award for not only her business life but also her private life. She would give the shirt off her back to help those in trouble. She has a huge heart, and has even opened her home to take in a homeless mother and her children who’d been dealing with abuse.

Sylvia is an original; a kind, generous woman who is open to new ideas and challenges. She has the heart for this field, which is helping seniors and anyone in need.