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Barbara Myers

Barbara Myers

Position: Gift Shop Volunteer

Organization: St. Jude Medical Center


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Barbara has been a St. Jude volunteer for over ten years. A few years ago, Barbara accepted a leadership position in the Gift Shop and with our Guild Board.

Why should this person be nominated
Barbara Myers is an exemplary volunteer leader--one who leads with humility transparency and innovation. Barbara has used these skills and worked diligently to improve all aspects of our Gift Shop. She has led several team building sessions, which enhanced and improved communication and engagement between her co-workers. She has also managed several initiatives focused on providing the best possible service in our Gift Shop by creating a warm and inviting environment to all who enter. Guests can always expect smile, exceptional service as well as a helping hand. Thank you Barbara for all you do. Our St. Jude family greatly appreciates your contributions to our hospital and community!