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Cyndi Cisneros

Cyndi Cisneros

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What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Cyndi Cisneros is truly a Senior Care Hero to her family and friends. She is a dedicated daughter, cousin and strength to those around her. Back in 2014, with a successful career in the retail industry, Cyndi saw the need for someone to take care of her ailing Nana and Tata. When circumstances beyond the family’s control lead to her grandparents being left unattended, confronted with safety issues within their own home, Cyndi resigned from her professional career at the end of September 2014 to take care of Tata and Nana full time. Since the passing of both Tata (in 2016) and Nana this last May, 2017, Cyndi continues to share her story with other families of her own situation so that they rally together in order to invest and plan for long-term care for aging and ailing parents and grandparents.

Why should this person be nominated
Cyndi’s love for her family and grandparent’s overall well-being is infamous. She had already been the primary point-person for her grandparents with their medications and doctor’s appointments, working the night shift so that she could care for them during the day. When assistance was dropped, Cyndi became a life-saver for them when she became their full-time care provider, as there were no other options for her grandparents. While Cyndi gave up time with her friends, plus the pursuit of her education to care for them 24/7, she remained undeterred. Had it not been for Cyndi’s perseverance with their daily care and seeking new assistance options, Nana and Tata would not have been able to stay in their home, and likely would have experienced rapid deterioration. Her love and attention carried them through to the end. Cyndi’s own health suffered greatly with the emotional and physical demands of having been the primary caregiver. As she heals and regains her own strength, she shares her story to inspire and encourage others in similar situations, advocating for better family communication and planning so that no none gets left behind…or alone. Cyndi, we celebrate you!