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Gregory Wong

Gregory Wong

Position: Staff Physician, Internal Medicine

Organization: AltaMed Health Services


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Dr. Gregory Wong is one of AltaMed’s Program of All-Inclusive-Care for the Elderly (PACE) Grand Plaza providers. Dr. Wong joined the AltaMed team in 2012 and specializes in Internal Medicine. Day in and day out, Dr. Wong tirelessly brings to Grand Plaza his expertise and commitment to excellence by providing compassionate, exceptional care to our senior participants. Dr. Wong’s diligence, kind and caring attitude seamlessly bridges across different cultures and languages while providing medical care with compassion to all his participants.

Dr. Wong and the team he proudly leads received the AltaMed Excellence in Quality Award, 2016 Top Performing PACE Provider in Clinical Quality. This is an example of his dedication to the true mission and vision of providing quality care without exception to our seniors. Dr. Wong is dedicated to his patients and their family members.

Why should this person be nominated
Dr. Wong demonstrates his sincere belief that the Patient always comes first, one of AltaMed’s core values, as evident by the way he cares for his patients. He is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that his patients receive the care that they need. An example of this is when one of Dr. Wong’s patients was in a skilled nursing facility and both patient and family members were having a difficult time coping. They felt lost and confused about what to do next. Dr. Wong went to the nursing home and met with his patient and family members to provide education, support, and guidance.

Another time, Dr. Wong had a patient who requested to disenroll from the PACE program because he wanted to go back to China. This patient was very ill and Dr. Wong offered hospice services for additional care for him. However, this patient expressed to Dr. Wong that he wanted to return to China to be able to die in his own home. Dr. Wong talked with the family members here and gave them step by step instructions and guidance on what they needed to do when they arrived in China in order for their loved one to receive the comfort, care, and necessary follow-up.

“Dr. Wong cares about our patients and even has time to listen to their personal problems…his patients tell me that they are very thankful to him” (Grand Plaza Medical Assistant). Dr. Gregory Wong truly embodies an outstanding senior care provider.