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Arcelia Montes

Arcelia Montes

Position: Downey PACE Center Manager

Organization: AltaMed Health Services


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Arcelia Montes is the Center Manager for the AltaMed Program of All-Inclusive-Care for the Elderly (PACE) Downey Center. She joined the AltaMed team as a Social Worker at the former East Los Angeles Adult Day Health Center. As a Center Manager, Arcelia has dedicated herself to ensuring that her senior participants have access to all the needed resources and she has been instrumental in growing the membership at her center. Her passion for the care of the senior community is evident in her drive to continue learning and implementing new techniques and skills with her PACE participants.

Why should this person be nominated
“Her unwavering focus on providing a healthy, healing, and fun environment for participants extends to her staff and the providers.” (Justine Medina, AVP of Senior Care). Arcelia’s staff describes her as a positive and caring leader that understands the importance of not only taking care of her PACE participants but also taking care of those that provide the care to these seniors. An example of this was when she had a meeting with two staff members to resolve a transportation issue that was occurring at her site. During the meeting, Arcelia was quick to notice that one of the staff members felt uneasy about the situation. Arcelia was able to approach her staff in a calm and attentive demeanor and work with both staff members towards a solution.

Through her leadership, she empowers her center to provide the best service possible to participants. Arcelia is respected by her staff and providers and together they provide exceptional care for the PACE participants. In her tenure at AltaMed, many of the current Center Managers have had the opportunity to learn from her as a great mentor and coach. “She grows leaders. She expects excellence and accomplishes all this with a sense of humor, humility, and skill!”(Justine Medina, AVP of Senior Care, AltaMed). Arcelia is a hero because she empowers everyone around her so they too can be the next great leaders of their community, and senior care.