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Melba Cortes

Melba Cortes

Position: PACE Grand Plaza Center Manager

Organization: AltaMed Health Services


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Melba Cortes serves as the Center Manager at AltaMed Program of All-Inclusive-Care for the Elderly (PACE) Grand Plaza. She has been the Center Manager since 2008 and on a daily basis demonstrates her passion, commitment, and quality care without exception to all her PACE participants. She exemplifies AltaMed’s mission statement by going above and beyond to help eliminate disparities in health care access among the senior population.

Why should this person be nominated
Melba builds wonderful connections not only with her participants, but also with her staff. She makes it a priority to create an environment that is comfortable and welcoming. Melba always greets anyone that walks in through her center doors with her famous quote “Welcome to your home!” (Maria Zamora, VP of Senior Care Services).

Melba was instrumental in the transition of the AltaMed Grand Plaza Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) site to a full PACE program. She led her staff and ensured that the licensing and regulatory agency standards were not just met but surpassed. With Melba’s perspective and vision, Grand Plaza was able to make huge systemic strides in establishing a strong operation foundation to shift into the PACE model in 2009. Throughout the years, she has continued to lead the Grand Plaza site and continues to be committed to offering the best quality of care and community tailored services to her senior participants.

Melba is not only an exceptional leader but also a true team player. She always goes above and beyond her duties and has even been known to fill in as a receptionist, food server, and as a janitor when there is a need. Melba’s experience in the field and warm demeanor provides all those around her a sense of security and staff knows they can always count on her guidance during a crisis or difficult situation.

Melba truly embodies the philosophy of the Patient always comes first and the Employees are Our Most Valuable Asset, which are two core values of AltaMed. Melba serves the senior community with compassion, care, and fierce love making her a true Senior Care Hero.