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Jackie Mark

Jackie Mark

Position: Manager, Outreach & Advocacy

Organization: Alzheimer's Orange County


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Jackie Mark is a force! Her exuberance, leadership and kindness immediately attract those around her. As Manager of the Outreach & Advocacy department at Alzheimer's Orange County, her colleagues have come to rely on her attention to detail and on-the-spot clear decision making. Whether writing and/or promoting legislation, her passion for those affected by Alzheimer's & dementia-related disorders is evident in how she publicly speaks to the issues at hand. What began as a "distant" disease, affecting others, became painfully personal upon her grandmother's diagnosis in 2015. As Jackie eloquently states, "advocating for a cure isn't just professional anymore, it's personal!"

Why should this person be nominated
An Orange County native, Jackie Mark is proud to be a Forty-Niner. Having received her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and Public Affairs, she returned to CSU, Long Beach to advance her professional career through the completion of her master’s degree in Public Policy & Administration. The MPA program has supported her role with Alzheimer’s Orange County. Since being hired in 2013 as a public health advocate, Jackie is responsible for the organization’s advocacy activities, interacting regularly with elected officials on the local, state and federal level. Additionally, she has led several groups of Alzheimer’s advocates to lobby legislation in Sacramento and Washington, DC for more funding and care to support those affected by memory loss.

Jackie is a daily Hero for the Orange County community to our Seniors and consistently goes above and beyond her professional role, as she attends town hall meetings and connects policy makers to the real-life issues of individuals who daily face the struggles of dementia. She is currently working with CA State Legislators to draft and lobby two pieces of legislation for 2018. With the completion of her master’s degree, she plans to continue being a voice for older adults and aspires to work for a lobbying firm in DC in the future.
"Advocating together as one voice is so powerful. I am honored that I get to be part of that a a dementia advocate." Bravo, Jackie, Bravo!