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Catherine Beltran

Catherine Beltran

Position: Director of Social Services

Organization: Alamitos West Health Care Center


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Catherine Beltran is the Social Service Director at Alamitos West Healthcare Center. Catherine has been in the Senior Care industry for over 17 years, helping families and seniors in Southern California especially those in the South Bay and Orange County. She was a Director of Social Services for 15 years assisting various building and social workers throughout the country. But Catherine’s beginnings are humble. Living in a small town with a big family it was hard to receive the attention and care needed to grow up, as a child she received most of her care meals, clothing shoes all provided by her grandmother who helped raise her. She stated that their bond was unlike any other. A bond she treasures and who inspired her to attend the University of Centro Scholar. She graduated with a degree in Psychology and shortly received a position as a Social Worker in the United States.
After marrying her husband and moving to the States she wanted to start a family right away. She wanted a family of her own that she can take care of like she was in the care of her Lola. Years of attempts and unsuccessful results, added with a diagnosis of diabetes, they tried IVF. Catherine endured Two miscarriages and all hope was lost. After 8 years of trying the Beltrans thought they were not meant to be parents when on a gloomy Spring morning Catherine went to the doctor’s to receive a flu shot she found out she was pregnant at 39 with her little girl. Once she announced her pregnancy at four months Catherine received the news that her grandmother endured a hip fracture and shortly after succumbed to her injuries. Unable to return to the Philippines and give her final goodbye to her beloved grandmother due to her being a high risk pregnancy and travel restriction, Catherine has made it a personal mission to assist those under her care with the upmost respect and care. It is evident when Catherine talks to her resident and families she speaks to them from the heart, she states that she wants to be a patient advocate and assist a population that can be so easily abused. She wants to provide care like those people that took care of her grandmother when she could not.
“Everything in my life is a challenge, because you give it all your effort and knowledge and all you can do is live. My greatest joy is having my daughter but it came with the sacrifice of losing my grandmother. But that’s why I do what I do, because when I help these people I feel like I’m helping her.”- Catherine Beltran

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