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Nathan Beck

Nathan Beck

Position: Administrator

Organization: Beachside Nursing Center


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Nathan Beck has been in the senior care industry for 3 years. He is the administrator of a 5-star Medicare rated facility and was able to continue the rating the last two years as the current acting administrator. His job title consists of overseeing the entire building from quality of care to the staff members. During his time at Beachside Nursing Center he has been able to improve the overall quality of care to the patients, by turning his own office into a private patient room to accommodate the preference of the majority of patients. He has created a customer service program where each department head goes into every room to check on patients to ensure patient satisfaction throughout their stay at Beachside. During his first year as an administrator he received administrator of the year award with the company.

Why should this person be nominated
Nathan has exceeded his job description by going above and beyond for his patients. Many of Beachside’s patients that come to get rehabilitation at the facility have family members that do not live close by or no family members at all. A particular situation was when a family member could not make it in time to bring their favorite meal to their loved one for dinner. It was after office hours and Nathan still went out of his way to grab what they were craving for dinner that evening. Not only does Nathan go above and beyond for the patients but for his staff members. An employee who does not have a car or transportation of their own was not feeling well and did not have a way of getting home, so Nathan offered to take the employee home without hesitation.

Nathan Beck is a hero among the patients and staff at Beachside, and also the physicians and nurses he works with in the community. He is 100% honest, passionate about what he does, hard working, and considerate of others. He continually strives to better every situation and challenge that he faces.