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Colleen Rozatti

Colleen Rozatti

Position: Executive Director

Organization: ActivCare Living-Brittany House


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Colleen Rozatti has been serving dementia residents and their families in the Lakewood/Long Beach area for 16 years as the Executive Director of Brittany House-Residential Alzheimer's Care. Colleen is passionate about providing the best quality of care possible to the resident while supporting the family members who are sometimes guilt ridden and in a state of denial regarding their loved ones needs. Colleen provides the love and support to allow the caregiver to resume their role of daughter, spouse or child of those who have forgotten.

Why should this person be nominated
Many times families and visitors ask Colleen if her name is Brittany, because they assume that she is the namesake behind Brittany House. Even though she in not, she might as well be because she treats the community, staff and families as if her name was on the front door. She never shys away from responsibility and her ultimate goal is resident care and comfort.