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Wendy Lay

Wendy Lay

Position: General Manager

Organization: 24Hr HomeCare


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Wendy has been serving seniors in the community for over 5 years. As the General Manager of the 24Hr HomeCare, Orange County Senior Care office, Wendy is the foundation of coordinating tens of thousands of hours of caregiving services for seniors in Orange County. Wendy, an Orange County native, has a true compassion for encouraging and helping people thrive. This is exemplified not only through her dedication to helping seniors gain access to care, but also in her development of her team within 24Hr HomeCare. Ask anybody who has ever worked with Wendy about what they love about her, and I can guarantee that they will go on about how positive and infectious her personality is. Wendy is a driven problem solver, but it is her positivity and ability to encourage and motivate people that truly makes her unique. Throughout her career at 24Hr HomeCare, Wendy has managed and developed a multitude of team members as well as overseen the management and coordination of hundreds of Home Care Aides. Her direct oversight has led to the promotion of a new generation of senior care professionals to become Directors and Managers within 24Hr HomeCare whose successes are a direct result of Wendy's direction and leadership. Wendy's achievements in providing the highest quality of service to seniors as well as cultivating the professional development of her team, has led her to claim 24Hr HomeCare's most prestigious awards of Senior Care Office of the Year, as well General Manager of the Year. Wendy will be promoted to 24Hr HomeCare's Regional Director of Operations in August 2017.

Why should this person be nominated
Wendy is a true leader, advocating the right to quality in-home care for all seniors in Orange County. In a region that can offer many distractions away from the senior population, Wendy has remained steadfast and focused as a champion for the needs of seniors in the community. Wendy has helped cultivate programs within 24Hr HomeCare for low-income seniors working with community-based organizations to ensure that the most vulnerable seniors have a right to quality care. The impact of Wendy's dedication to seniors is felt throughout our community, making her a hero not just to the 24Hr HomeCare team but to the countless lives that she has touched throughout southern California.