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Thi Htway >

Position: MD

Organization: altamed


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Dr, T is dedicated and hardworker, she is working in pace program Dr. T is one of AltaMed’s Program of All-Inclusive-Care for the Elderly (PACE) . Dr. T joined the AltaMed team in 2014 and specializes in Internal Medicine. Day in and day out, Dr. T tirelessly brings to pace expertise and commitment to excellence by providing compassionate, exceptional care to our senior participants. Dr. T diligence, kind and caring attitude seamlessly bridges across different cultures and languages while providing medical care with compassion to all his participants.

Dr. T and the team she proudly leads received the AltaMed Excellence in Quality Award, 2016 Top Performing PACE Provider in Clinical Quality. This is an example of her dedication to the true mission and vision of providing quality care without exception to our seniors. Dr. T is dedicated to his patients and their family members

Why should this person be nominated
kind , dedicated