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Josh Ramirez

Josh Ramirez

Position: Managing Partner

Organization: OC Elder Law


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Joshua D. Ramirez received his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Cal State Fullerton. Josh went to Loyola Law School in Los Angeles where he obtained his Juris Doctorate Degree and his LLM Degree in Taxation, which he obtained "With Distinction." He has a passion for Elder Law, as evidenced by him graduating #1 in his Elder Law class.

Josh has been an active member of the Orange County Bar Association, The North Orange County and Corona Chambers of Commerce, Corona Rotary and Board Member of Crittenton Services for Children and Families, among others. Josh has been featured, with his partner, Marty Burbank of OC Elder Law in Forbes and Attorney Journal Magazine. Josh was also featured in Loyola Law School’s alumni spotlight page and most recently nominated for his outstanding work to the 2017 Super Lawyers Rising Stars List. This award is only given to 2.5% of Attorneys in California.

A youth pastor before beginning his law school journey at Loyola, Josh has a long history of cultivating relationships with the underserved in the community. Growing up in a faith-based home that focused on giving back to the community, he knew that his passion was to pursue law as the best means to help people through difficult times. While he always felt prompted to work with the senior community, he was given the opportunity after meeting Marty Burbank, Founder of OC Elder Law, at a Bible Study for attorneys. They recognized their shared passion for seniors, and it was soon after that Josh became a partner at OC Elder Law.

Why should this person be nominated
Josh is gifted with engaging clients in a manner that puts them immediately at ease. He learns how they feel about what they are going through, and he responds to that need, rather than just create legal documents. This was evidenced when he recently had a meeting with a woman who was seeking advice on what she and her siblings should do to protect their father. The father, let’s call him George, was entering the difficult middle stages of Alzheimer’s dementia. At the time of their meeting the three siblings were concerned that, while George could still sometimes converse quite clearly regarding his finances, his decision-making abilities were beginning to become impaired. And what was making it difficult to handle was there was a woman who George thought was his friend, but who in fact was very cleverly trying to take control of him and his finances.

This case was complicated and had many elements to it – George had disowned his son due to dementia related paranoia, he was starting to accuse his older daughter and DPOA of stealing (although she was clearly not) and he very rarely was truthful with his youngest daughter about things that were going on. But he was still oriented to himself and where he was, and would never voluntarily submit to anyone of his children taking over for him. The family was starting to explore the possibility of conservatorship, which Josh counseled was a very drastic and costly step – both financially and emotionally. And then the family found out the “friend” was trying to arrange for George to move back to Henderson, where he had lived for a few years, to be near her and her daughter, who was also scheming to separate George from his family and his money.

Josh spent a lot of time going over options, fielding tearful phone calls, researching other specialists in the field for the family to talk to…YES! He actually referred them to another lawyer who had a specialty in a different area – even after he spent so much time helping (and not always keeping track of the time spent billing-wise!).

The family was finally able to go another route other than conservatorship and safeguard their father and his finances so that they could rest assured he’d have his assets available to him for his own care as the years pass. The relief was immense!

That family…it’s mine. And I cannot even imagine anyone else being as compassionate and willing to get on the phone at a moment’s notice, even if it was only to give me some peace in the midst of the storm.

Josh is my hero…I think he’s probably a hero to many others.