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Elva Perez

Elva Perez

Position: Liaison

Organization: Silverado Hospice


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Elva has been with Silverado for 8+ years and has recently promoted to a Liaison within the last year. She has shown such great dedication to the company as well as her coworkers over the years.

Why should this person be nominated
The best way to put it is that Elva is a rock star! She is one of the most loving, kind and heartwarming person you could meet. She is so dedicated to do her very best and truly expresses what it means to be part of Silverado Hospice. She welcomes the day with such a friendly presence and takes the time to do those small simple tasks to make someone's day. A few examples: 1. On Cinco De Mayo the liaison's had a marketing Blitz event and Elva woke up at 5am to get Fresh Hot Conchas for all her accounts and wrapped them in beautiful boxes and tissue paper to show such appreciation for where our business matters most- our accounts! 2. Elva is our only Spanish speaking liaison and has countlessly volunteered to work late to help bring in referrals and speak with families to ease them through such a difficult time. Elva is the type of employee that every company strives to gain and wishes to have. I couldn't imagine a team without her, she is the glue that Silverado has been so lucky to have over the past years.