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Alexandra Ahumada

Alexandra Ahumada

Position: Caregiver

Organization: Attentive Home Care


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Alex, who is one of our outstanding caregivers, has worked with Attentive Home care for over five years. Before she found her place as a valuable member of our team, Alex has worked in customer service and retail. She also went to school to become a Certified Nurse Assistant and recently got her LVN license. Alex explains that her passion for caregiving was inspired by her mother, who set a great example with her drive to selflessly help others. Her mother, who is actively involved in church, taught Alex the value of hard work and compassion, traits that she later applied to her profession. Alex describes herself as friendly, hard-working, and a go-getter. She is someone who dreams big and works hard to reach her goals.

Outside of work, Alex is an avid reader who enjoys spanish literature and discovering the works of international authors. She also loves listening to music and going to the beach. Alex sees herself as a family-oriented person, and values her familial bond the most. She sees her selflessness as her biggest strength as a caregiver, stating that she goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are happy and safe. Alex is grateful to be a caregiver because it gave the opportunity to enhance her communication skills, and helped her to be empathetic towards the needs of others. She also sees caregiving as an important step towards her dream of becoming an RN. Alex fondly remember one of her oldest clients, whom she describes as youthful and outgoing. She reminisces going on mini vacations, and escorting her client to fun places such as the Disneyland hotel and USC Football games.

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