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Francisco “Frank” Franje

Francisco “Frank” Franje

Position: Caregiver

Organization: Attentive Home Care


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Frank has been working for the same client his entire career with Attentive Home Care, almost 3 years! During this time Frank has gone from being the reliever for this particular client to the sole caregiver.

Prior to working as a caregiver, Frank served as captain on cargo ships and had the opportunity to travel the world before retiring after 32 years of service. Frank recalls one assignment as captain of a ship delivering supplies from Saigon to Cambodia during the Vietnam War.

Once Frank retired from his career as ship captain, he moved to the United States and his daughter who was working as a physical therapist, recommended he try caregiving. Frank describes himself as hard working, someone who likes to keep busy, and he enjoys travel (by land now). Outside of work Frank likes to read, sing, is learning to play guitar, and has a desire to play pool. Between caregiving and family, Frank does not have much free time. Frank also helps care for his grandchildren and provides them transportation to all their extra-curricular activities.

When asked his thoughts on being named caregiver of the month, Frank states he was pleasantly surprised and says he’s just doing his job and enjoys taking care of clients in their homes.
Franks dedication to his clients shows. Often times Frank will call his long term client during his time off to ensure the client is doing well. This particular client has even called Frank during the middle of the night asking him to come over just because he wants to see him and wants him to cook for him.​

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