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Anna Jaramillo

Anna Jaramillo

Position: Caregiver

Organization: Attentive Home Care


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Anna has been working with Attentive Home Care since February 2010. Before she became a valuable member of our team, Anna devoted her time to being a loving wife to her husband and a nurturing stay at home mom to her six children. Anna states that she’s always had a passion to take care of people in need. She selflessly took care of her mother when she was diagnosed with cancer, and later on her father when he broke his hip. Anna looks back at the experiences she had with her parents and finds strength that fuels her drive as a caregiver.

Anna describes herself as an honest, outgoing, and loyal person. Outside of work, Anna enjoys needlework like crochet and embroidery. She also loves spending time with her eight grandchildren and taking them to fun places. Anna values her family the most and takes pride on her kids and grandkids.

She states that her compassion is one of her greatest strengths as a caregiver. She believes that it helps make sure that her clients are well taken care of and happy. Anna loves working for AHC because she believes it is an upstanding company. She adds that the staff takes care of her and makes sure she always has clients. Anna fondly remembers an interaction she had with one of her oldest clients,who expressed her gratitude for everything she has done and told her “You are a jewel honey.”

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