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Marylyn Hagerty

Marylyn Hagerty

Position: Nurse Practitioner

Organization: CareMore Touch


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Marylyn has been an RN for many years, and an NP for the last 5 years. She works in the CareMore Touch program, a special needs Medicare Advantage Plan, taking care of seniors living in group homes, assisted livings facilities as well as nursing homes. Her job consists of integrating herself into the lives of not only her patients, but their families, the facility and with the medical doctor assisting in the care of the patient.
Marylyn goes above and beyond her duties to visit each of these members on a weekly basis. Sometimes she spends hours with a patient and a family member helping them to cope with bad news, such as a cancer diagnosis, or the final decline caused by dementia. Her passion and compassion for this population is visible also, in the care she gives to the facility staff. Many of the staff are not well trained, and Marylyn can be found several mornings a week at the building by 4:30 or 5:00 doing in-services on fall prevention or dehydration prevention all in the hopes of keeping the patient well and out of the hospital.
Through the last 5 years, Marylyn has grown to become a very independent Nurse Practitioner and she mentors and precepts students from a variety of universities in the art of caring for the frail elderly. CareMore has hired many of these students, as we know they will come well trained and really have a passion for this care.
We refer to this work as "sacred work, this work we do". This is truly the case when referencing Marylyn.

Why should this person be nominated
By teaching and training facility staff and precepting students in the art of caring for the frail elderly, Marylyn displays , every day, the passion she has for the elderly and their families.
Recently she had a relatively young woman diagnosed with cancer, already with extensive metastasis. This woman had a daughter, an only child, who could not believe this diagnosis could be true. Marylyn spent hours going over scans, and blood test results, calling specialist, arranging second opinions, etc. all in an effort to help this daughter be able to accept this horrible diagnosis. The end result was that the diagnosis was clear, the treatment options were explained and the choice to initially treat was made. The daughter and the patient now have time together to make their arrangements for what comes next. Exhausting, time-consuming work, but oh so necessary for the best outcomes for all concerned.