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Sepideh Chegini

Sepideh Chegini

Position: Senior Medical Officer

Organization: CareMore Touch


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Dr Chegini has worked for CareMore, a Senior Advantage Health Plan, for over 16 years. She has served as a Hospital doctor, a Clinic doctor, a Regional medical director and recently was promoted to be the Senior Medical office for the Touch plan which includes persons in: Richmond , VA, Las Vegas, NV, Phoenix and Tucson, AZ, Santa Clara, CA and Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino, CA.

Why should this person be nominated
Dr Chegini has always shown a passion for the frail elderly, but it wasn't until recently that she moved her talents totally to the population within the Touch plan.
Clinic work always included the Medicare age persons, mostly living in their own homes, but now she manages a team of doctors who oversee the teams of nurse practitioners who manage the care of this very special population, with, in California, an average of somewhere around 83 years old.
She is training all these professionals to recognize the special needs of this population and to make sure the families and the facilities understand the conditions and the options for care. She attests to the idea that the care given is matched to the care desired after giving a true informed consent. This is almost novel when it comes to managed care, and all of the patients in CareMore benefit from this company wide policy.
along with managing a very busy travel schedule , Dr Chegini manages a household consisting of her husband, two sons, two large dogs and 2 guinea pigs!! She deserves this award for this alone!!