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John Geiss

John Geiss

Position: Doctor

Organization: Geiss Med


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Dr. Geiss was born and raised in Orange County California. Dr. Geiss finished his undergrad studies of Bachelors of Science in Applied Physics and he minored in Chemistry, and Math at Brigham Young University. He then continued on to Medical School at Midwestern University in Phoenix, Arizona. He finished his Residency at Chino Valley Medical Center. He is a Doctor of Osteopathy or D.O which means he specializes in all areas of medicine. He takes a holistic approach to treatment and care patient by looking at every aspect and not just solely focusing on the disease. Every health practitioner is considered to be a hero because they have the ability to change another human beings life but here at GeissMed we consider Dr. Geiss to be our own personal hero. Dr. Geiss has a lot of distinctive characteristics that makes him standout in numerous ways.
Dr. Geiss started GeissMed because he noticed a void in healthcare when it came to Geriatric Care. It takes certain type of work ethic and dedication to start up a company and build it up from 20 patient’s to hundreds of patients. In times where people tend to wait weeks to even months to get an appointment with a doctor, Dr. Geiss has created a house call scenario in which you have access to care 24 hours a day 7 days a week including his own personal contact information. Within a year he was able to expand this company from North Orange County to South Orange County along with Riverside County all the way to Los Angeles County. He worked and continues to put tremendous amount of hours toward GeissMed and his patients. He was able to increase his staff from 2 employees to 20 employees within the first year.

Why should this person be nominated

Majority of the doctors are aware that once they clock out of their daily jobs they no longer have the obligations of being concerned about a patient but being a house call doctor is different. Dr. Geiss has given and continues to give his personal contact information to not only healthcare professionals but also to family members and patients. He has given them that opportunity to reach him at any point of a day or night without any hesitations. Throughout the time that I have known him not once have I heard him say no to someone or decline a request. It’s unimaginable to understand how he is capable to working day and night even when he is on vacation. He continues to be an outstanding physician and continues to prove that it is possible to change healthcare for the Senior Population.
One story that always strikes me the most is his wedding day. Weddings are concerned to be one of the most stressful events of an individual’s life but that did not stop him from coming into work that day to take care of couple patients. At that time we only had him as a provider and Daniel McConnell as a Physician’s Assistant. It was on a Friday and Fridays tend to be one of the busiest day of the week so it was not unusual for us to get calls for same day visit or other emergency calls. That particular Friday morning we received a phone call in which a family wanted a same day appointment but did not wanted to take the patient to the hospital due to past experiences. The message was relayed to Dr. Geiss and even on his wedding day he packed up his stuff and went to visit the patient. To me this incident will always stand out because even on his special day he was putting his patients before him.
Another story that stands out is the time and effort he puts into reaching out to patients and providing with the best care. He received a call from a facility in Bishop, CA stating that there are 120 patients who need a visit along with some staff members. The next say he drove 282 miles which is almost 4 hours, just to go visit those patients because they were overdue for a doctor’s visit. During that time he also stayed couple extra hours to do full physicals for some of the staff members there. After visiting those patients, he drove back and finished seeing patients here in Placentia. He had every opportunity to say no but he did not, despite the drive he realized that those people were in need and he provided them with that care.
He is one of the few individuals that fully fulfills his role as a Physician. Throughout the time I have worked with him I’ve seen him prove this over and over again, I’ve seen him change people’s lives in ways that I did not think were possible. We have a patient who constantly works out and that is his way of coping with dementia. His family was having a difficult time getting him to see a doctor so they decided to contact Dr. Geiss. During the first visit the patient was extremely hesitant, he did not wanted to talks to us to answer any questions so Dr. Geiss offered to workout with them. That day was such an incredible experience because Dr. Geiss completed the entire appointment while working out with the patient and every other appointment after that. I saw him transform this patient’s life because he truly sees Dr. Geiss as his workout companion and these visits have actually improved his health. His depression has decreased, his appetite has increased and his anxiety levels have been under control. When he takes a patient on he makes sure he has given it everything to improve that individual’s life. He makes sure he is in contact with family members and puts all of their concerns to rest before he walks out of their house. Dr. Geiss always tells me how sacred his relationship is with his patients because they are trusting him with their lives and not to mention they are inviting him into their homes. Dr. Geiss has inspired and continues to inspire me in every aspect of my life. There has been tremendous amount of times where I had exams for school or an event in which he continuously not only supported me but encouraged me to take time off work so I can focus on school. Dr. Geiss has shown me a different side of medicine that is not about money but rather includes a real compassion of changing another human beings life for the better. He is a hero and an outstanding individual to our staff and we are incredibly proud of be part of his group.