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Chanel Messinger

Chanel Messinger

Position: Volunteer

Organization: FEEDING IN MOTION nonprofit Food Bank


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This is a young lady that is eager to volunteer and help the seniors throughout Orange County although she works a full-time job she always find time to volunteer her services and helping those that are in need. She often make arrangements to schedule her volunteer work on her off day. Very dedicated and very loyal with such a great big bright smile eager to work in pitch in and do whatever it takes to fulfill the needs of others while putting herself aside. She often would bring her friend with her to volunteer work for the seniors for instance at the senior Club of Santa Ana she brought her friend Andrew along with her and two of them are adorable working together serving the seniors at the Santa Ana Senior Center. Working side by side with the president of the senior Club of Santa Ana Francine Harris in the kitchen preparing the plates to serve the seniors at the table for their luncheon. Chanel and her friend Andrew would stand in their post until all the seniors are done eating the gather up everything and start cleaning up the kitchen which is always a major help for the senior center to have volunteers like them

Chanel often find time to do volunteer work for feeding in motion is how I met her eager and willing and wanting to volunteer to be a service to the new food bank that serves the community senior citizens children and homelessness. Weather she's volunteering physical work are volunteering resources information or whatever it takes to be a blessing to the community. What I really adore about Chanel is how I when her mother took ill she moved out of her apartment in to her mom's house to be side by side and take care of her mother as she continually working and or volunteer work. I strongly urge to give her the opportunity to let her glow and shine being my hero. She's not currently a student but will be returning to school in the fall and studying medicine. She hope to become a pharmacist.