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Jesus Rivera

Jesus Rivera

Position: Certified Home Health Aide

Organization: Sanctuary Hospice


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Jose 'Jesus' Rivera chose the career of service to seniors. Jesus works in hospice, and is attentive in caring when life matters most. His duties include bathing, dressing, grooming, and assisting those in need with the basic essential daily living activities that they cannot do without help. He supports families in their efforts to provide the highest quality of care, and of life, for their loved ones.

This selfless service occurs in the early hours of the morning and throughout the day. His role requires great sacrifice and dedication, but also great rewards in building loving relationships.

Why should this person be nominated
Jesus has shown consistency through his career with many acts of sympathy and care. We are constantly receiving positive feedback about Jesus, from families, patients, and the community.

Recently a family wanted to make the heroism of CHHA Jesus Rivera known to his supervisors. They expressed that Jesus had changed the way all family members felt about current condition of this Sanctuary patient, if even for a short moment. In the sons words, "Jesus made my dad look CLEAN, not just in the literal sense, but for a second we could almost forget he is so sick, you can tell Jesus really took the time and really cared about making my dad look clean and presentable as if it was my dad himself getting ready for a night out." This wife and her son had tears in their eyes in expressing their gratitude. They said that the time and professionalism shown by Jesus would not be forgotten and overall they really just wanted to give thanks.

Aren't the simplest acts of kindness equally impact-full as the grandiose? I believe that this family and many others have felt the great heroism of Jesus.