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Brenda Huante

Brenda Huante

Position: Executive Director

Organization: St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Brenda has been part of the Genesis family for over 10 years. She started with Genesis at CareHouse in Santa Ana. She spent several years there and just moved to St. Elizabeth’s in Fullerton about 6 months ago or so as the Executive Director.

Brenda has held various positions including Admissions, Case Management, Social Services and Assistant Administrator. She graduated with her Bachelor's in Science from California State University, Long Beach in 2007. Brenda is passionate about providing the best quality of care to all residents and family members. She values her team members’ hard work and always promotes a friendly and welcoming environment. When away from the Center, Brenda loves to spend time with her husband and three beautiful children.

Why should this person be nominated
Brenda is the kind of ED that doesn’t draw lines around a job description. If something needs doing and there’s no one else to manage the task, she’ll often just do it herself. This makes her team very willing to follow her lead, and has resulted in Brenda and her staff elevating St. Elizabeth’s to a 5 Star facility.

One example of Brenda’s willingness to take on any task and any challenge happened just a couple months ago. The daughter of a gentleman who was in the hospital down in Newport Beach called the facility. The daughter, “Betty,” had heard that we had great care, and she didn’t like the choices the hospital gave her for placement for her dad. He had been living pretty independently in an assisted living community until he took a terrible fall and sustained a severe blow to his head. The doctors at the hospital had told Betty “he wasn’t going to make it” and simply thought he should be placed in a skilled nursing facility until he passed away. She was desperate to find a place that would take on the challenge of proving the doctors wrong, but it wasn’t going to be easy. Her father’s insurance didn’t have a contract with St. Elizabeth’s and there were other issues that many facilities would have just passed on – but Brenda wouldn’t do that. She was so moved by Betty’s belief that her father could get well that she instructed her team to wade through the red tape necessary to get his treatment covered at St. Elizabeth’s. And while they were doing that, she personally accompanied the Admissions Director to the hospital in Newport to do the assessment necessary to place him at her facility. She MADE this admission happen against many odds.

And now, this man has not only “made it,” he is walking! He was only saying “OK” when he first came, and now he is talking in full sentences. Betty wants to take him down to see the doctors in Newport to show them how powerful compassion and dedication in the healing process. And it never would have happened without Brenda’s willingness to take on the hard stuff.