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Suzanne Nasraty

Suzanne Nasraty

Position: Executive Director

Organization: Park Vista Health Center


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Suzanne Nasraty's background was in social services until she worked her way up to Administrator. She has been with the company approximately 4 years and with Park Vista 3 years. In the time she's been here, she achieved a 5 Star rating by motivating her staff to strive for excellence.

Why should this person be nominated
It's not unusual to see Suzanne at the facility as late as 8-9pm. She never asks more of her staff than she's willing to give. The staff kids her because she has an extra set of clothes at the facility. Her philosophy is truly "residents first."

She proves her dedication over and over, but there is one particular story that stands out. There was a gentleman who had been living in the retirement part of our community for many years – we were his home. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and as the disease progressed, he eventually had to be admitted to Park Vista, which is the skilled nursing component of our campus. His family was very concerned as time went on, because he began needing more on-on-one care, but they weren’t able to financially cover that type of service.
The family came to Suzanne, very emotional, not wanting their loved one to have to move from a familiar setting. Also, the family felt anxious about moving him since the staff here knew this man so well and they felt moving him would be very detrimental to his condition. Suzanne agreed.

Unless you’re familiar with skilled nursing facilities, you may not realize how exceptional Suzanne is in what happened next. Because she agreed that this man shouldn’t be moved, and because of her compassion for him and his family, she committed company funds to pay for his one-on-one care in the facility! That just doesn’t happen in SNFs – but it happened in ours because of Suzanne. And that man was able to stay and be cared for in a place that felt safe to him.

We are all proud to serve under such an amazing leader.