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Sonia Patricia Francia Garcia

Sonia Patricia Francia Garcia

Position: Executive Director

Organization: Guardian Angels Homes


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Sonia is an advocate of the senior care industry, she is the silent volunteer behind scenes, always helping and always making a difference. If you want to help some one and want it done, reach out to Sonia, she will find a way or will guide you on the right direction. She always goes above and beyond any other person I know. Her bilingual skills are priceless specially when she focus on helping the Orange County Hispanic community understand aging and specially educating the community about Alzheimer's and how it affects their every day lives. There are not that many local senior care professionals that have the experience, knowledge and caring nature that Sonia has. She is making a big difference and she is a hero to many seniors and their family. She is a hero to me, to the senior that she cares for and their family. To her employees, to the local community. She's been a hero to countless people over the last 3 decades in senior care. She is always looking for a way to help countless non profit organizations in the OC area.

Not only are Sonia's homes beautifully run due to her superb training of staff, they are beautiful to look at. Among RCFE owners, her places are considered tops in the county. In addition, she gives of her time to help families and professionals alike, who need her excellent council and advice. She has served and is associated with the following associations: 
Alzheimer’s OC Board of Directors, Multicultural Outreach Committee, Patient and Family Services Professional Committee, and Hospice Care of California Advisory Board. From 1995 through the present, Administrator/CEO of Guardian Angels Home, Inc. Residential Care Facility for the elderly hospice and dementia waiver. Since 2000, she has also been an instructor for Alzheimer’s OC Team Training, Spanish/ English. Since 1998 she’s been an Instructor for Residential Care Administrators Cameo Institute, Dementia. Very personal care for people with Alzheimer’s, 40 hours continuing education for licensed administrators and has been a committee member of its Multicultural Outreach Committee.

1. Regina House/St Joseph Hospital Advisor Board
2. Presbyterian Church various committees including translator for Health Clinics
3. Volunteer for many years to teach Dementia Training for the Latino Community through Alzheimer's Orange County
4. Advisory Board with Community Care Licensing
5. Volunteer for the latino community donating wheelchairs, hospita bed all kind of medical equipment.
6. Former Advisory Board Member with Orange Caregiver Resource Center (10 years) now Family Caregiver Resource Center With Licensing is Former
There are more but too long to list......

Here is a perfect example of one of her colleagues;
I was introduced to Sonia Garcia trough my work as the Multicultural Coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Association Orange County. For the past 25 years Sonia has joined our cause to help us to improve and develop more effective ways to reach out and increase awareness of the Alzheimer’s disease to our Spanish speaking community. Over the years Sonia has lent both financial and moral support to insure that our programs stay free of charge and available to the families in need. For the past 14 years I have worked alongside Sonia and I can honestly say that she is one of the most caring, sincere, hard working and generous people I have ever encountered. As a fellow immigrant Sonia Garcia is not only a role model for all professionals but also an inspiration for those who relocate to this country in search of the American Dream. I feel privileged to have met Sonia and honored to work with such a passionate and driven professional.

Finally, Sonia is one of the most caring sincere, hardworking, resourcefully, generous person and will give 100 percent her heart to the beautiful people that suffer front Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, I strongly urge you to select and recognize Sonia for the 2017 Senior Care Award.