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Kurt Thode

Kurt Thode

Position: Director of Case Management/ Emergency Department

Organization: Long Beach Memorial Hospital


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?

Why should this person be nominated
I want to introduce you to a very special person that is making a difference to countless seniors and people of all ages in an emergency department. He is an amazing individual that goes above and beyond any other. You will have to have special skills and be a special person to do what Kurt does in this extremely stressful environment. He holds the hand to the families and patients that is in his last minutes of their life.

For the last 20 years Kurt has worked at every specialty in the hospital. (Not many can say that) As an ER SW Director Kurt ensures that each patient who is discharged from the ER has an appropriate discharge plan that is viable and appropriate to assist the patient in recovering and maintaining their health. He is an expert in confirming the patient can afford any prescriptions provided , is able to be compliant with recommended follow-up visits with specialists and can assist the patient in connecting with a primary care physician. is instrumental in working with the patient and their support system to make sure that they understand and have the interest and ability to be compliant with the discharge instructions.

He listens to the patient and helps them understand the rationale for various tests and the time needed to interpret results. He also assist the ER nurse with patient education and providing information necessary to maximize the patient’s health status.

He arranges home healthcare, physical and occupational therapy or other appropriate services to help a patient maintain their independence in the home.
Kurt is an integral part of the ER team, coordinates care and provide patients will all the tools necessary to improve their quality of life and feel their best within any limits of their illness or disability.

He is a Hero in every way