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Carol Orozco

Carol Orozco

Position: Cargiver

Organization: The Groves of Tustin


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Carol has been a caregiver for over a year and she does a marvelous job.
She used to work at a Chiropractors office but she wanted to be more involved in person care type work. She decided that she wanted to be involved with nursing so she began to work at The Groves assisting residents. I am so grateful she did!

Why should this person be nominated
When I first arrived at The Groves I was barely able to walk, let alone know who and what or where I was.
I came straight to The Groves after spending over a week in the Hospital with a toxic level of medications in my system.

On arriving at The Groves, my family saw to it that I had a room with some of my furniture and pictures of my children, who live in New York and Santa Monica.

Well, this incredible person entered my confused state of mind and body- Carol!! Her main job was to see that I was safe and sound while I showered a few times a week. Her presence was foreboding, she would hand me the soap, patiently the shampoo,and talking to me calmly and effortlessly put me at ease as I tried to evade my fears. She would let me rest all my weight on her as she patiently waited for me to get dressed.

Carol is so very very special as her heart and mind are as one as she takes care of us,always with a smile from within. She has a vibrant yet calming personality, the two making a very exceptional character.

I can say today thank God, I am showering on my own, but I do so miss Carol at shower time, though everyday we still exchange a hug when ever she happens to be working.

She has a special personality that anyone and everyone cherishes.
I want to thank Carol for ensuring that I felt safe in her care. She was one of the reasons that I am as well as I am today.. Everyday she gives us the best care and she always makes sure to do it with a smile! i just want to thank her for always going above and beyond not just for me, but to all her residents at The Groves.