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Vavahea “Hea” Ika

Vavahea “Hea” Ika

Position: Caregiver

Organization: In Home Care Solutions


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Vavahea Ika has been employed with In Home Care Solutions since June 2013. She chose to become a caregiver because she has always found great pride and personal accomplishment when she is helping to make a difference in another’s life. Helping those who cannot help themselves has always been her niche in life and she has dedicated herself to all of those that she cares for.

Why should this person be nominated
She has been going beyond the call of duty with her current patient. Her patient suffers from severe dermatitis which leaves an itchy rash on her body. The rash began to worry Hea after over the counter interventions did not work. She called into our office and did not hesitate to rise to call of duty to care for her patient. She did her own research to evaluate which techniques would benefit her patient. She kept in contact with the nurses on staff, coordinated with home health, and together all three parties could devise a plan of care that would benefit this patient the most. For the next two weeks Hea kept to a strict schedule of applying creams and using an off-loading technique to help dry the skin and let it heal better. When the patient was fully healed, Hea shone with such happiness and relief because her patient was no longer in discomfort. She always helps to remind us all that dedication to our patients is the most rewarding part of being in healthcare.