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Pininta “Pinn” Hutagaol

Pininta “Pinn” Hutagaol

Position: Caregiver

Organization: In Home Care Solutions


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Pinn Hutagaol has been employed with In Home Care Solutions since April 2014. She found a passion for this industry when both of her parents suffered from strokes. After the incident, she was deeply moved by all the support she had from the caregivers who help to teach her how to better care for her parents. When both recovered, Pinn began to work as a caregiver so that she can provide support not only to her patients, but also to other families. She understands that it can be a great undertaking when caring for a loved one and she does her best to help the family feel confident when helping with care.

Why should this person be nominated
Pinn uses her knowledge that she has gained after 11 years of caregiving to help families when they need support the most: end of life care. This is always a hard time for all those who are involved and are unfamiliar with these situations. Pinn has touched the lives of many families who reached out to In Home Care Solutions for assistance with palliative or hospice cases. She will train family members if they ask, hears their concerns and gives advice, and she will sit with them holding their hand in silence when no words can explain the thoughts in their heads. Although she is with them for a short time, she always makes a huge impact on their lives that they remember. We know this to be true because many times they will come back to us in another time of need and specifically request Pinn by name.