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Nancy Amo

Nancy Amo

Position: Faith Community nurse

Organization: Trinity Presbyterian Church


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Nancy Amo is an exemplary Faith Community Nurse in Senior Care. Nancy has been serving her faith community as the Faith/Parish Nurse for over a dozen years. Where she sees a need, she strives to fill it. During her tenure at her church, Nancy has brought comfort, care, education and preventive health services to her congregation through a variety of innovative programs. She has been instrumental in establishing support groups for caregivers and for those grieving; organized volunteers through the Samaritan Care Center providing food, transportation, calls, cards and visits to those in need; hosted community wide flu clinics and health fairs, linking seniors to essential services; made innumerable home and hospital visits, sharing her time and expertise with those experiencing isolation, a medical issue or just needing a little extra explanation on what is happening to them on their health care journey.
Nancy also serves as a Stephens Minister and a consultant for Hoag Health Ministries as an educator for the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Course. Nancy brings patience, grace and expertise to all whom she touches. Every community would be blessed to have a Parish Nurse like Nancy.

Why should this person be nominated
For over 10 years, Nancy has been involved with Mr. B’s life and care as the parish nurse at his church. When they met, he was healthy, walking 6 miles a day, living independently in his Section 8 apartment and managing his finances. He cared for himself on his less than $800/mo income. Mr. B has no family, has been hearing impaired from early life and therefore difficult to understand his speech.
Over the years, things diminished, he now has dementia, unable to manage his finances, but still healthy and walking shorter distances. He required a micro-discectomy of his lumbar spine, and follow- up care at home, which Nancy was arranged and managed.
Twice Nancy has reported to Adult Protective Services to get help for Mr. B because he was neglecting self and mismanaging his money. She has put in place a fiduciary who now manages his finances. She arranged for a helper in the home from In Home Supportive Services. The current goal is to maintain him in his home for as long as he is safe. She is procuring a “Safe Return” bracelet in case he loses his way while walking in his neighborhood.
Nancy shared that one of the lovely aspects of Mr. B is his deep spirituality and his sharing how he sees God in his circumstances. Over the years, they have shared some sweet moments of the blessings from God. They still share, but there are repeats from before due to his dementia. That however, does not diminish the Spirit within him or how they are connected.