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Jay Iinuma

Jay Iinuma

Position: Family Medicine Physician

Organization: Dr. Jay Iinuma Family Medicine


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Dr. Jay Iinuma has been a Family Medicine Physician and worked with seniors for over 25 years within the Methodist Hospital of Southern California and Kaiser Permanente Healthcare systems. As the former Director of Care Coordination of Methodist Hospital in Arcadia, Dr. Jay has focused his time pursuing his true passion of working with patients directly. He had started his own clinic in the city of Arcadia while he was the Director of Care Coordination at Methodist Hospital. Outside of his clinic, Dr. Jay is very active within the San Gabriel Valley community. He frequently speaks at assisted living communities including Fidelity, and local senior centers to educate staff and seniors on medical conditions including hypertension, stroke, diabetes, and diabetes and how to live with and manage these conditions. His passion to be a practicing physician and work directly with patients is exemplified through his positive and upbeat spirit. Dr. Jay has also been a delegate for the California Academy of Family Physicians since 2008 and had been nominated for the Walter Lusk Family Medicine Physician of the Year for Kaiser Permanente in 2016.

Why should this person be nominated
Dr. Jay’s willingness to go above and beyond for his patients is a quality that he is well known for. He still conducts house calls for seniors and will provide his patients with his own personal phone number in case they ever need any assistance. There have been instances where he had gotten called late at night regarding an urgent medical situation. One notable story was when Dr. Jay had received a call from a patient around 9:00 pm after she had just finished babysitting her grandchildren. She claimed that “her face was going to explode” and would not be able to wait until the morning to be seen by a doctor because she had an important test the next day in San Diego. The patient had been driving at the time, so Dr. Jay met the patient at the parking lot of a local Costco to conduct an exam to assess her situation immediately. He has also had patients reach out to him from outside of the country with urgent matters. Dr. Jay truly believes that serving his patients is not just work but his life’s mission.