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Norma Lopez

Norma Lopez

Position: Personal Care Attendant

Organization: Care Partners At Home


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Norma is a dedication professional caregiver, wife and mother! With more than 10 years of care giving experience. Norma has change the lives of many clients, and supported many families in the most challenging and personally intimate times of their lives.

Why should this person be nominated
“Why Norma” – There are so many wonderful people caregiving today – Professionals, friends and family members all playing a role! However, Norma is that special person who lives her life in the service of others. This sense of service in Norma was present while she was caring for gentlemen, age 66 – young by many “aging standards” of today. This man, Norma’s client, was in the final stages of a painful fight against cancer and days from death when Norma was asked step in an provide relief to his wife an fulltime caregiver. The wife needed that true time to be a loving partner to her husband and not the primary caregiver.

In the words of the wife, “Norma was who we needed to guide us in these final hours, but I didn’t know it until the end”!

The couple lived alone, had no children and were very private people. A caregiver in the home just seemed strange, the wife recalled.

Norma arrived and quickly jumped in, changed her client into fresh clothes, straightened his bedsheets, provided a much needed sponge bath, a clean shave and combed is now thinning hair. Oddly enough the client became responsive after days of unresponsiveness, opened his eyes and thanked Norma. Much to the wife’s surprise and brief happiness she was able to hear her husband speak just one more time. She was grateful. The client died just 15 minutes later, at peace. The job was done.

But not for Norma, she stayed for hours following his death, comforting the wife and listening to her questions of “what now?” and helping her through what seemed to be infinite sadness in the moment. Suddenly the wife began bagging her husband’s clothes and Norma saw the pain it was causing her. The wife mentioned the smell of her husband’s clothes and the memory of the outfits he wore on their excursions and international travels where all too overwhelming for her at the moment. She felt she had to donate them immediately. Norma sat the woman down and once again stepped in packing a life time full of clothes and memories for the grieving woman. Hours later, after the man’s body was removed from the home Norma left for the day, not just any day, a day honoring the death of a client and the life of his spouse.

Norma - A true caregiver.